What is a sublimated Uniform?

What is a sublimated Uniform?

A Sublimated Uniform is the best option for creating Team Uniforms and custom sports apparel. Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat at a high temperature. It is a very effective way to produce top quality uniforms and team gear. 

Definition of "Sublimation"

The transformation from a Solid to a Gas without going to a liquid phase.

Sublimation is an effective way to design sports uniforms and apparel because designs can be completely customized using a vector art software like Adobe Illustrator. The design is essentially mirrored from the creative software without having to redesign it using ink or screen printers.

Sublimation Process

First, images and graphics are put onto a special material which is then added onto the garment. Then, heat is added onto high quality fabric allowing the ink to sink into the product. The reason that Sublimated Uniforms are never out of style is because it leaves a very soft, breathable, and firm feel to the texture. There are many advantages of choosing sublimation because the images or design will never peel or fade. Also, they will not make a player or athlete experience an itchy or uncomfortable feeling.

Customers from all around the world contact us regarding how authentic and gradient the Sublimation process is. A very important priority of ours here at Uniform Lab Inc is to ensure you that the Uniforms or Apparel you create will have the endurance to withstand the damages in the washer, over time, and even the color disorientation of the graphics when damaged. Traditional Uniforms start with already having the dye already colored without having any logos or designs, while Sublimated allows you to do the opposite while being able to incorporate vibrant colors.

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