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STR8 SPORTS sublimated uniforms are made to the exact specifications of what the customer wants.  All uniforms are custom made.

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Silk Screening

Top-quality designs will create the exclusive look your team is going for.  Not only does our wide color range cater to your team's identity we offer addition printing options, such as, soft hand, distressed printing and more!!

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Our attention to detail makes our embroidery department an elite option.  Send us your logo and we will digitize, and create a clean design with out extensive thread color options

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STR8 SPORTS Custom Uniforms

STR8 SPORTS will custom design any uniform for you.  Want to look like the Lakers?  STR8 SPORTS can make it happen.


STR8 SPORTS Fundraiser Stores

STR8 SPORTS will build a free website for your organization.  We will take the order, collect payment, print it and ship it, directly to your customers.  Collect a check in the end from STR8 SPORTS.


STR8 SPORTS Player packs

STR8 SPORTS will outfit your team with the the best possible apparel in the market.  We have a line for every budget out there.